"Elegance with a Purpose"

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Luxury Jewelry Inspired by Philanthropy.  A collection dedicated to giving back to patients and their families experiencing a benign brain tumor diagnosis.

We focused on philanthropy for our first collection.  As previously stated, one of us endured a very intensive health issue and from that we were wanting to further awareness efforts towards benign brain tumors.  While most benign brain tumors aren't considered life threatening, it does not mean they aren't life changing. Brain tumors can have lasting and life-altering physical, cognitive and psychological impacts on a patient’s life. 

Over 700,000 Americans are currently living with a brain tumor diagnoses and 80% of those brain tumors are benign. It is estimated that around 84,170 people will receive a brain tumor diagnosis in 2021 (stats refer to US Residents ONLY, National Brain Tumor Society, 2021).  A portion of our sales will go towards a nonprofit organization based in Southwest Missouri, Team A.N.A. 417.  Their mission is to “Inspire patients and their families, educate communities and drive research to help find answers for acoustic neuromas and other benign brain tumors.”  You can learn more about their organization at

We have partnered with a very talented jeweler, Quan Ngo, who is the owner of Endless Time & Jewelry in Springfield, MO.  We talked with Quan and his jewelry specialist, Tabitha, about our vision with this collection.  From there, they handcrafted these beautiful (one of a kind) brains for us.  This unique piece of jewelry can hold so much meaning to someone who has been affected by a brain tumor diagnosis.  Not just the patient but the entire STRIING of support that has helped the patient along the way. 


You can customize your Grayn jewelry by adding a diamond to where you or a loved one’s tumor is/was in the brain.  What started as a passion project turned into a one of a kind brand.  Let us help you STRIING your life story together, one elegant piece at a time.

Shop in store at Endless Time & Jewelry 2918 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807 or online.